How to create a Smartlink for your App

A smartlink will detect what device your customers are using and take them to the according app store when they click the link. For example:

People using iPhones will be taken to the iTunes Store

People using Phones on the Android system will be taken to the Google Play Store 

To create a smartlink:

1. go to

2. Paste the the iTunes URL for your app into the Default URL section

Next to Device Destinations first select iPhone from the drop down menu and paste the iTunes URL for your app here

Then select Android in the second drop down menu and paste the Google Play URL for your app in the box adjacent 


4. Tick the I'm not a robot box and click Save smartlURL at the bottom of the screen 

5. After you've clicked Save smartURL you will need to copy the link and create a short link How to create a short link


6. Once you have created your short link you will need to edit the title and customise the link, in this case:

Title: Hawker and Roll app 



7. Click Save, now you have created your smartlink!




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