How to Create Short links for your App

Short links allow you to display the link for your app (social media/website/in-store collateral) in a much neater way as opposed to using the full URL.

For example:

Full URL: ❌

Short Link: ✔️


To create these links you must:

1. Find your app on both the iTunes Store and Android store

2. Go to and create an account

3. After you've created an account, click CREATE BITLINK in the top right hand corner

4. Paste the URL of each store into the Paste Long URL box, you will need to create seperate Bitlinks for each store (iTunes/Android)

5. After you've pasted the long URL, you need to customise each store link, in this case, after the forward / they would look like:

iTunes: /VerveiOS

Android: /VerveAndroid


 6. Click SAVE, you have now created Shortlinks for your app!

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