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Providing 'Proof of Business' documentation for Apple Developer

When your app name differs from your legal entity name, Apple will often require you to provide some supporting documentation to 'connect the dots' between the two. 

Apple will only accept a 'Proof of Business' document that includes all four of the following on one page:

  1. Legal Name 
  2. Trading Name
  3. Address of Business
  4. Business Owners Name

Acceptable documents include:

  • Certificate of Registration (ASICS)
  • Liquor/Alcohol Licence
  • Bank Statement

Alternatively, you can provide a letter with your company header and all information listed above. Here is a simple example:

I [insert owner name] am the owner of [insert your legal entity name], trading as [insert your trading name] at [insert address of business]. I have chosen [insert your app name] for my application.

Sign and date this letter and leave your mobile number as a contact.

Please email your supporting documents over to at your earliest convenience. 

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