Initial Promotions and Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies for your app launch


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Marketing your loyalty app

When it comes to marketing your loyalty app, it is vital that your customers:

  • Know about the app
  • Can access your app easily (Check out our guide on creating a SmartLink and QR Code here)
  • Have a good selection of loyalty promotions to engage with


A strong reward system will promote greater engagement. We, therefore, recommend that you kick-off with at least 5/6 initial promotions and that you focus on 3 core elements:

  1. A strong welcome promotion - to drive initial engagement and incentivise users
  2. Exclusive promotions for app users only 
  3. Promotions that allow users to ‘spend’ their loyalty points. E.g. credit, items etc. 

Your initial incentive

Use incentives to encourage customers to try the app for the first time and add their credit card.

Here are some incentive examples:

  • $5 free credit (if you give away credit ensure it’s under your average spend)
  • Buy $10 get $20 (can be any amount)
  • $1 coffee or beer

We do not recommend a “free item” as an incentive

Use your existing database (CRM)

Email or SMS - send out an email template to all patrons in your database and include a link to download the app. Learn how to create a smart link here

Social Media

Check out LOKE’s templates for designing Social media content

  • Cover page - Update your cover page with artwork of your app
  • Status update - Post a status update with artwork and a link to download your app
  • Promote a post - Promoting a post provides increased exposure for a small investment
  • Paid Ads - There are a variety of ads that can be used to promote your app. This is a great way to generate new customers
  • Competitions - Use your app to promote your page and vice versa (ie. Like our page, spend in September and win a free meal)



  • Banner - Advertise the app on your venue/s home page
  • Landing Page -  Create a dedicated page with information about your app, the membership benefits and how to use its features
  • Blog - Talk about your new app in news updates

TV / Promotional Displays

  • Advertise the App using screens in your venue

Public Relations

  • Provide information about the new app to local magazines, blogs, write-ups, online hospo and tech websites


LOKE has templates of promotional material you are welcome to use. 

  • Posters - Print posters and display them at your venue
  • Flyers - Print flyers and hand out over the counter or put inside takeaway bags
  • Menu - Print your menu with info about your app or add ‘how-to’ leaflets on tables
  • Stickers - Print stickers and add to takeaway packaging or leave at your POS
  • Merch - Print T-shirts, hats or aprons for staff members
  • Receipts - Print a voucher code on all receipts - this is super effective!

Face to Face

  • Staff are you most valuable promotional tool, make sure they know how to use the app “Are you paying with our easy to use app today?” will double your downloads
  • Make staff discounts available only through your app - this is a great way to ensure staff understand the app from a customers perspective and builds familiarity.
  • Setup staff loyalty promotions - the more staff engage and like the app, the more they will promote it.
  • Offer a reward to the store with the most transactions
  • Have promoters help people download while they wait in line
  • Ambassadors - Ask people who resonate with your business to get involved in your app launch


  • Replace food/drink vouchers with app vouchers and rewards
  • Turn off bar tabs and only allow use of the app
  • Reward staff with vouchers
  • Allow customers to purchase vouchers
  • All giveaways should use the app as the method of redemption


  • Inter-store Competitions - e.g. best performing site for mobile payments wins a reward.
  • Customer Competitions - e.g. spend/purchase X to be entered into a weekly/monthly prize draw. Winner gets a reward. 

Local Partnerships

  • Sports Clubs
  • Universities
  • Local businesses/corporations
  • Offer these guys special rates or unique promotion codes or specific offers to engage them and drive local business to your store.



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