Initial Promotions and Marketing Strategies

Initial Promotions and Marketing Strategies for your LOKE loyalty app


When it comes to marketing your loyalty app, it is vital that your customers:

  • Know about the app
  • Have a good selection of loyalty promotions to engage with


Good Rewards

A strong reward system will promote greater engagement. We therefore recommend that you kick-off with at least 5/6 initial promotions and that you focus on 3 core elements:

  1. A strong welcome promotion - to drive initial engagement and incentivise users
  2. Exclusive promotions for app users only 
  3. Promotions that allow users to ‘spend’ their loyalty points. E.g. credit, items etc. 


Digital Marketing

  • Promote app through website 
  • Email campaign 
  • SMS campaign 
  • Social Media platforms
  • In ALL cases emphasise the introductory offer and link specifically to it.  


On Premises Marketing

  • Menus
  • QR Codes (
  • Posters
  • Stickers
  • Flyers
  • Delivery Flyers
  • Receipts (voucher codes)
  • Staff telling all customers
  • Setup staff loyalty promotions - the more staff engage and like the app, the more they will promote it.
  • In all cases emphasise the introductory offer and link specifically to it.



  • Staff Incentives - set each staff member up with unique code to give to customer to enable you to track which staff members are generating the most downloads/engagement etc. You can then reward your best performing staff members. 
  • Inter-store Competitions - e.g. best performing site for mobile payments wins a reward.
  • Customer Competitions - e.g. spend/purchase X to be entered into a weekly/monthly prize draw. Winner gets reward. 


Public Relations

  • Local Press Releases etc
  • In all cases emphasise the introductory offer and link specifically to it.


Local Partnerships

  • Sports Clubs
  • Universities
  • Local businesses/corporations
  • Offer these guys special rates or unique promotion codes or specific offers to engage them and drive local business to your store.
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