Collection Codes

Each location in your app has a unique Collection Code, these do not change over time and will remain the same for the life of the app. 

 How to find my collection codes

1. User Redeems a Reward or chooses a Saved Offer to Collect

2. The User is requested to enter a Collection Code (All staff should be aware of the Locations Collection Code)

3. The User is asked to confirm they are at the Counter and ready to collect their item

4. The Location and Item for Collection are displayed with a count down from 10. The user can pause the count down to change locations.

5. The staff member should view the phone, no other interaction with the devise is required. 

6. Staff member enters the corresponding Item in the POS manually


NOTE: There are a number of ways to manage reward items in the POS. For advise on this please contact your Account Manager.  

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