What is the Access a List reward?

The Access to a list reward does exactly what it sounds like - it allows you to provide customers with access to specific Customer Lists (What is a Customer List?). You can offer this reward through any of the four promotion types:

  • Creating a Code which your customers can use to gain Access to a list
  • Creating a promotion where you can Sell your customers Access to a list
  • Allowing your customers to Redeem Points in exchange for Access to a list
  • Gifting your customers with Access to a list.


By giving your customers Access to a list you can:

  • Add a level of exclusivity to your promotions by adding customers to specific lists. For example: with your most loyal customers, if they have spent over $xxx you could reward them with access to a list that will give them xx% off any purchase for life
  • You can use this to create lists that allow you to target these customers for future promotions.
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