Redeeming Credit

How to Redeem Credit?

  1. Tap the Promotion card your want (i.e $10 credit for 1000 points or Welcome $5.00 credit)
  2. Tap the Redeem button & Confirm*
  3. Done

Your current Credit balance will now be visible on the Home screen of your app, alongside your current point balance. 

How to use my credit?

You current credit balance will be automatically deducted from your next purchase. If you purchase is more than your available credit balance, your credit will be used first, and then any remaining about will be charged to your linked payment method like normal.

How do I check if my credit was applied to my purchase?

There are two places you can check:

  1. In your app - under My Activity
  2. On the receipt that was sent to your email


*To redeem credit you must verify your profile via SMS and also connect your preferred payment method.

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