Add Markdown in the Promotional Details Screen

You can now add markdown in the Promotional Details screen, this allows you to create headings and make parts of your promotional content stand out with bold or italic text, links and more.



use one of the Headings put your text after the #

# Heading One (X-large)
## Heading Two (large)
### Heading Three (medium)
#### Heading Four (small)

 Note: Heading One and Heading Two will change to the secondary colour of your app, if your secondary colour is green, these headings will be green. Heading three will remain black.


Lines and Text Formatting

To create lines that go across the whole screen put 5 dashes on a single line (-----)

To make text bold put 2 stars on either side of your text  **your bold text**  

To make your text italic, type it between an underscore on either site _your italic text_

To highlight text use a grave accent on either side of the text you wanted highlighted

`this is the text you want highlighted`

To link text, in the square brackets write what you would like the link to say, for example - [click here]. Following the square brackets, insert the URL between round brackets

[Your text]( 

You can highlight blocks of text by putting 3 grave accents on either side of text you want highlighted. ```this text would now be highlighted in a box```

Put a dash (-) in front of you text at the start of a new line to create dot points

To create numbered or lettered steps just put the number you would like followed by a full stop, then the details of the step

1. (This would be your first step)

a. (this would option a)

To insert an image into your card, write ![comic](then insert the URL of an image you would like to display between round brackets)


The images below show how to write the text in Tidy when creating a promotion and how the text will correspond in the app.



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