Collecting a product in-store

Once you've purchased a product in the app, redeemed it for points or simply claimed a gift you can choose to:

  1. Collect Now
  2. Save for Later*

*Anything you 'Save for later' is automatically added to your 'Saved Offers'.

If you're in-store you can simply tap 'Collect Now'. The first thing you'll need to do is set the store you're collecting from. Particular products can only be collected from participating store so make sure you check this first. Then it's just a matter of present you phone to staff; they'll review the product, tap your phone screen twice & you're all done :)

  1. Tap 'Collect Now' or find a previous product in your 'Saved Offers'
  2. Select the location you're collecting from
  3. Present your phone to staff
  4. Staff will review & then tap to 'Confirm' 
  5. Enjoy :)





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