Prepaid in-app purchases

You business can generate a new revenue stream by enabling customers to purchase exclusive and tailored promotions directly from their app. These purchases are considered pre-payments, with the customer settling the transaction in their app prior to actually visiting your business to collect their purchase.

Please note that all in app purchases will be settled to your 'default' payment gateway. Because it is possible for app purchases can be created a multiple sites the app settles to the 'default' gateway at the time of purchase. 

This process flow for this transactions is:

  1. Customer makes and in-app purchase
  2. Purchase is added to their ‘Saved Offers’
  1. Customer presents phone to Staff - “Staff to push”
  2. Staff acknowledges the item & taps screen to complete the collection
  3. Staff enters the item into the POS
  4. Staff tenders the transaction to the ‘Prepaid’ tender type
  5. Staff gives the customer their item
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