App Store & Google Play Graphics

Google Play Graphic Assets:


  • JPEG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha). Min length for any side: 320px. Max length for any side: 3840px.
  • At least 2 screenshots are required overall. Max 8 screenshots per type.

Hi-res icon

  • 512 x 512
  • 32-bit PNG (with alpha)

Feature graphic

  • 1024 w x 500 h
  • JPG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha)

Promo Video (optional)

  • YouTube video
  • Please enter a URL

Apple App Store:


Screenshots must be in the JPG or PNG format, and in the RGB color space. App previews must be in the M4V, MP4, or MOV format and can’t exceed 500 MB

App Icon

This icon will be used on the App Store and must be in the JPG or PNG format, with a minimum resolution of at least 72 DPI, and in the RGB color space. It must not contain layers or rounded corners.

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