Promote Special Offers

Well-planned special offers can be a great boost to customer satisfaction and loyalty, and ensures that they become comfortable with spending money through the app.

As with the other cards, the Special Offers card is highly customizable. Get creative! You can sell anything from early bird event tickets to discounted meals to discounted Corona buckets, and this form of sales promotion gives you a lot of room to explore. Why not approach Corona (if selling Corona Buckets, for e.g.) and agree to exchange a few crates in return for highly effective marketing? Your promotions card contains many opportunities to showcase a label and endorse related brands, thus easily provide a positive brand experience to the customer.

Each offer will give the customer a redeemable voucher that can be saved until use.


To create a special offer for Corona Buckets;

  1. Log into Tidy Office -
  2. Click the 'New Promotion' button
  3. Set the Promotion type - Buy now and earn/Purchase a special offer with money
  4. Select an item from the dropdown menu or create a new item by filling out the Name (Corona Bucket) and Internal Cost ($0.XX)
  5. Enter the cost of the Promotion ($X.XX)
  6. Choose related background, icon, title, and content
  7. Choose appropriate Audience settings and Time settings
  8. Activate!
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