Version 9.3.0


  • Add service charge to cart screen & payment confirmation modal
  • Add Device Verification (Email verification)


  • Add Social Login component
  • Disable notes in order level and item level story
  • Disable order and item level notes API integration
  • Update location sort UI colours
  • Fixes keyboard active breaking screen layout
  • Login copy improvements
  • Updated forgot password text input field
  • Update TextLink Underline UI
  • Registration for new user takes you to improved screen
  • Centre text on link elements when wrapping
  • Checkboxes now display properly when inputting titles that begin with a number
  • Centre text in Social Login Buttons
  • Fix resize of button when switching to loading state
  • Service charge improvements - Removed service charge enabled
  • Disable "Let's Continue" while loading delivery config
  • Fix bug that allows purchase when device is not verified


  • Block ordering until Stripe initialisation is complete
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