Version 9.1.0


  • UI upgrades to the Home Screen (Card Screen)
  • Allow users to add notes in order ahead and table ordering
  • Enable new text input styling on for Login & Registration screens
  • Visual adjustments to Facebook sign in
  • Payment method is now no longer required to access the ordering menu
  • Adjustments to the displayed amount for ordering products, and hide the amount when zero
  • Upgrade dropdown/select and DOB inputs to use new styling
  • Incomplete accounts are now redirected to the welcome screen after login


  • Fix left icons only showing email on TemplateForm
  • Fix DOB Input
  • Fix currency displaying "[object, object]" on certain phones (eg. oppo, oneplus)
  • Fix ordering cart crash when the delivery minimum is 0 or undefined
  • Fix location selection after 1hr of inactivity
  • Use correct profile field set on Welcome Screen
  • Fix issue where some iOS users may experience an oscillating footer
  • Fix padding issue around the safe area
  • Fix unexpected gap visible on card screen when a safe area view is in play
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