Ola Delivery

We can get partners started by getting you set up on the Dashboard. The process is as follows:
2. Click on 'Sign up for your company'
3. Fill up the 'Company Signup' form
4. Verify using OTP and also verify the email address provided
5. You will be automatically onboarded on to Ola corporate and have access to the dashboard
Setting up Dispatchers
 In the dashboard, 
1. Click on the Employees tab on the left side:
2. Click Add Employees (on the right)
3. Upload the list of employees who would be dispatching orders by uploading a CSV file (please refer to SAMPLE CSV file attached for the format)
 manually upload the dispatcher's details
4. To enable your employees to access the travel desk, you just need to give them access by:
a) Click on Settings in the dropdown menu in the top right with your name
b)Click on Roles
c) Add employees as Traveldesk Admin
Ordering Ola cars
Once the above has been set up, dispatchers will receive a welcome email and be asked to download the app.
 The dashboard can be used as a central tool to order Ola cars for dispatchers (or they can just use the Ola app on their phones)
1. Click on the ONE TravelDesk tab on the left side:
2. Click Book a Ride (on the right)  
3. You can now Book Rides for your dispatcher who will receive the ride details and can communicate with the driver by phone, please make sure the dispatcher gives the customer's phone number to the driver in case the driver cannot find him/her at the drop location
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