How to set up delivery

Are you using Kounta POS? 

If not, and you would like to set up ordering or delivery with LOKE you will first need to set up a Kounta account and your menu.  We will provide you with a free version to use for receiving LOKE Orders - please see this article. 


LOKE's new Delivery feature will be released in March 2020. If you wish to use Delivery now you can use the following method which has been tested and is implementable immediately. 

1. Set up an INFORMATION CARD informing customers you have deliver with information on which Postcodes are suitable, how you are managing delivery and estimated wait times. 

2. In KOUNTA back office - set up a new PRODUCT CATEGORY called "Select Order Type"

3. Set up a new PRODUCT called "Collection or Delivery"
In the product description include the postcodes you will accept for delivery and estimated wait time. 

4. Set up an OPTION SET with two options "Collection" and "Delivery"

5. Notify you will be using Delivery and we will activate your service and update the language on the payment draw in the app for you. 

Screenshot_20200319-113143.png .   Screenshot_20200319-113148.png .      Screenshot_20200319-113158.png .  Screenshot_20200319-113449.png .    


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