How to set up delivery

Are you using Kounta POS? 

If not, and you would like to set up ordering or delivery with LOKE you will first need to set up a Kounta account and your menu.  We will provide you with a free version to use for receiving LOKE Orders - please see this article. 

If you are a Kounta customer and you have not previously used Order Ahead you will need to set up Ordering first.  Please see this article.

Configure Delivery in LOKE Office

  • In LOKE Office go to LOCATIONS
  • Select the LOCATION you would like to turn Delivery on
  • Fill in the details for all the required fieldsScreen_Shot_2020-04-07_at_3.19.09_pm.png
    • Customer Notification (Order Ahead) - Use default or create your own
    • Customer Notification (Delivery) - Use default of create your own
    • Delivery Postcodes - List the postcodes where you will accept delivery orders
    • Minimum Delivery Order (Cents) - For example $15 = "1500"
    • Estimated Minimum Delivery Time  - For example 15 minutes = "15"
    • Estimate Maximum Delivery Time - For example 40 minutes = "40" 
    • Kounta Delivery Item ID - You will need to create a PRODUCT in your Kounta called "Delivery". Click on the PRODUCT edit function and find the ITEM ID in the URL (see below)
      In this example the product ID to be included in LOKE Office is 10192547
    • Screen_Shot_2020-04-07_at_3.26.09_pm.png

3. Once complete select Delivery in the options at the top of the ORDERING page and tap SAVE in the top right hard corner. 




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