Making a product unavailable using LOKE and Kounta - Order Ahead


Making products unavailable can be done three ways

  1. Using online products in Kounta ( - Make it unavailable at all stores in the app. 
  2. Site products in Kounta - Make it unavailable at a particular store both in the app and the POS in-store
  3. Using LOKE tags - Make it unavailable in the app at only the stores you tag in LOKE office 

How to make a product unavailable using online products in Kounta


  1. Open your Kounta Back Office
  2. Navigate to ONLINE PRODUCTS
  3. Select MODIFY
  4. Choose the categories or products you would like to hide in your app and untick them
  5. The changes should pull through immediately.  Hard close your app and re-open the menu
  6. If the changes do not pull through, open LOKE office, go to the relevant LOCATION > ORDERING and hit RESYNC at the bottom of the configuration page.

How to make a product unavailable using TAGS in Kounta and LOKE Office

  1. Set up a tag for each store by navigating to LOCATIONS > ORDERING in LOKE Office. 
  2. Create a tag for each store under the TAGS section
  3. To make a product unavailable you will need to login to Kounta Back Office and tag a product. This will make the product unavailable in the app at only the stores with that tag in LOKE Office. 


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