Special Promotions

The current features and benefits of the Zarraffa’s Z Card® are described on the Zarraffa’s Franchising website from time to time, which you can access at

If Zarraffa’s Franchising makes available a special Zarraffa’s Z Card® promotion, Zarraffa’s Franchising will advertise this, by notice via mail, email, sms, the Zarraffa’s Franchising website ( or in the relevant Zarraffa’s Coffee Stores. Terms and Conditions specific to that promotion may include such details relating (but not limited) to:
a) the EligibleTransactions;
b) the period during which an Eligible Transaction must be made for it to be the subject of the special promotion; and
c) the length of the relevant special promotion term.

If Zarraffa’s Franchising invites you to a special event, your Zarraffa’s Z Card® may be required to be presented to gain admittance or discount.

Zarraffa’s Franchising may from time to time permit the redemption of Z$ for rewards other than Zarraffa’s Franchising drink purchases (at it’s discretion). Zarraffa’s Franchising will notify you of these rewards, and the terms on which Z$ can be redeemed for these rewards, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

From time to time Zarraffa’s Franchising may send you offers in conjunction with other loyalty programs operated within Zarraffa’s Coffee Stores.

From time to time Zarraffa’s Franchising may send you offers from partners of Zarraffa’s Franchising or Zarraffa’s Coffee Stores.

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