How to use your Payment Gateway and LOKE Office for financial reporting

This article contains information for Australian Clients on 
  • Accessing your gateway
  • List of reports available from your payment gateway and LOKE
  • FAQ and user guide to your Payment Gateway
Information on accessing your gateway and settlement times
  • You should have direct access to your Payment Gateway Dashboard
  • An invite has been sent to each merchant via the email that was used to apply for the gateway.                 
Please contact immediately if you:
  • Have not received the invitation
  • The invite has expired 
  • Would like additional users added to the dashboard
General overview: 
  • Settlement times for the gateway are 6pmAEST  and money is deposited into your account each business day.
  • Settlement is the full amount of transactions and merchant fees are direct debited on the 1st of each month for the previous month.
  • A statement of fees will be sent by mail each month for your reference. 
  • The settlement time is fixed by the bank and is not able to be customised - this is not controlled by LOKE 
List of reports available from your payment gateway and LOKE
This dashboard reports on banked transaction amounts - it does not include information on credit or discounts
The primary functions include:
  • List of all transactions
  • Ability to refund transactions
  • Settlement reports to match your banking for reconciliation

LOKE Office

This is LOKE's dashboard and includes transaction reports. These can be found in the Reports section

Reports can be downloaded or scheduled to be emailed on a re-occurring basis
LOKE reports are sent in .CSV format and can be opened using spread sheet program such as Excel or Google Sheets
  • Summary of all stores for a given period
  • List of all transactions for a given period

Data includes

  • Location
  • Date
  • Number of transactions
  • Credit
  • Discount
  • Payment
  • Total
  • Customer information
  • Payment Method 
  • Status 
How to use your reports to reconcile
  • Settlement reports should match the amounts received into your bank account
  • Because settlement occurs at 6pm AEST this will not always match a end of day POS report
  • LOKE's Transaction reports display information from 4am / 4am AEST
  • LOKE's Transaction reports include information on how much credit or discount was applied which is useful if your POS does not report on this automatically. 
User guide to your Payment Gateway
Please find attached a users guide  for your gateway - if you have any questions you can contact 
Further information - What is a payment gateway
A payment gateway is used to the process the transaction when a customer is paying with their LOKE app and then deposits funds into your nominated bank account.

This is very similar to the account and gateway that sits behind your EFTPOS terminal that is responsible for the same thing; processing and deposits.
Why do I need a payment gateway
Each LOKE store will need their own gateway, as each store is a separate business. If you own more than one store these can share the same gateway. Without a gateway, your customers will not be able to use your app and you will not be able to receive deposits.
Who is LOKE?
LOKE is Melbourne based technology company and the developer of your loyalty app. LOKE work in partnership with Fat Zebra to enable your customer to use their app for in-store mobile payments.
Who is Fat Zebra?
Fat Zebra is the actual provider of your payment gateway. Fat Zebra is PCI compliant payment provider, Australian owned and operated in partnership with ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, St George, NAB and Bank SA.  All customer payment information is encrypted and stored in an electronic vault. Information on the customer's payment method (credit card, Masterpass accounts) are not visible to merchants, stores or LOKE

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