Creating lists with discounts (%)

You can now provide discounts (%) to lists in the LOKE Office, there are two different ways to achieve this:

  1. Through creating a promotion that will give your customers ACCESS TO A LIST or
  2. Creating a FIXED LIST or SMART LIST in the LOKE Office and setting the percentage discount you would like customers in that list to receive.


Creating lists with discounts can be great for: 

  • Providing Staff Discounts when they pay using the app - this is a great way to get staff comfortable using the app
  • Rewarding certain groups of customers with a set discount
  • Providing discounts to partners or local businesses to encourage their loyalty to your business.


To apply a discount to a specific list:

  1. Go to your database in the LOKE Office
  2. Either select or create the list you would like the discount to apply to
  3. Once your list is selected, click on the pen in the right side of the blue box to edit the listScreen_Shot_2018-05-08_at_3.49.08_PM.png
  4. You'll then be presented with a box that allows you to apply a discount to the list, this can be applied at All Locations or Select LocationsScreen_Shot_2018-05-08_at_3.51.50_PM.png
  5. Once you have set the discount percentage click Save List


Please Note:

If you have a customer that is in more than one list with discounts applied, they will be given the discount of the highest value.


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