iOS 5.8.0


  • Saved offers moved to top of main promotions screen.


  • Project restructure.
  • Moved to using a Coordinator system.
  • All points text in the application is now coming from the backend. This is completely customizable for the merchant.
  • Users can now view the venue selection screen while checked-in, however changing venues is still disabled.
  • Updated Masterpass and Paylah button images.
  • Payment Method buttons are now standardized with set width and height constraints to account for different image types.
  • Significantly reduced API requests.
  • Removed white space above points only payment authorization pop up.
  • Order Number added to native order ahead status card.
  • Removed AstonSDK.framework. No longer used.
  • Themed versions in Staging and Testing apps can now be built and uploaded to S3.
  • Added 'Learn More' button below Masterpass payment type on payment methods screen.
  • Updated project from Swift 4.0.2 to Swift 4.1.
  • Updated dependencies.


  • Resolved an issue on OS versions before iOS11.0 where the promotion details close button was in the wrong position.


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