Setup LOKE Merchant Terminal Terminal on a tablet

You can setup & access T.O.M Terminal on any mobile device with an Internet connection - often people will use a tablet alongside their POS. You can think of LOKE Merchant Terminal (TOM) (i.e the mobile payment software) as unintergrated EftPOS.

The general experience is as follows:

  1. Customer taps Pay button in their mobile app
  2. Staff enters order into POS as normal
  3. Staff enters sale amount into TOM Terminal, selects customer & confirms charge
  4. Staff tender sale in POS as Mobile Payment*
*This is a newly created tender type. This new tender-type is create in your existing POS and sits along existing tenders (i.e Cash, Card, Account).
For reconciliation, you can use the Sale Summary in TOM Terminal and compare this to the standard POS sales reports. These reports should include the newly created tender type.
How to install on a tablet:
  1. Get your mobile/tablet device
  2. Go to
  3. Click Create Code and email this to Make sure you include which location you're setting up (i.e venue, cafe or store name)
  4. Once LOKE Support have confirmed, tap the Complete button

Depending on your device, you should be able to Save the web-address to the Home screen of your mobile/tablet device.

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