Your Policies: Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Refund Policy

What to do:

  1. Review Terms/Policy templates
  2. Create your own
  3. Upload to a Policies page on your website
  4. Share the URL for your Policies page with LOKE


Your customers must agree to the Terms and Conditions before using your app. These are visible during registration as well as inside the app within the Settings section (screenshots attached).

In additional to the Terms and Conditions, customers should be able to access a Privacy Policy and a Refund Policy, related to your app.

Please find some templates for you to use below. These can be edited, updated and changed to suit your business.*

It is our recommendation there that is a Policies link available of your on website which points to a seperate page display a version of each of the policies above.

Please share the URL for the Policies page with the LOKE team and we will ensure this is included in your app.

If you have any questions please contact

*Please note these templates are only a guide & you should always consult your own legal advice 

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