Campaign Monitor: Using LOKE Codes in Email

  1. In LOKE Back Office create a a new Fixed Customer List NewCustomerList
  2. Create Unique Code Promotion in your back office that gives the customer their points, credit or item. Add customers that redeem to the list NewCustomerList
  3. Export the list of codes
  4. Log into Campaign Monitor & create a custom field (i.e Birthday Code)
  5. Import the .CSV of codes into Campaign Monitor using your new custom field
  6. Create a new email and use a Personalisation Tag to bring the customer's unique code into their email 
You can now set this email to send as a once-off for a specific campaign, or as an email that sends on their birthday (i.e a customer journey). 
Our recommendation would be to also confirm this configuration with your Campaign Monitor Account Manager or Support Team.
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