How do I collect a reward?

Once you've redeemed product (i.e a coffee, gelato scoop or event tickets) you can:

  • User Now 
  • Save for Later; this will be add your product to your 'Saved Offers'

If you 'Use Now' simply following the directions on the screen (i.e set the store you're collecting from) and then present to staff at the counter. They'll need to confirm the 'Collection' by tapping your phone screen but then you're done :)

If you want to buy something on-top of the reward you're collection, remember to tap the 'Pay' button before you get the counter.


More about Promotions:
Once you build-up some points you can use these in app for credit, products, discounts & merchandise. The promotions available in your app will change over-time, may be personalised to you and can change between stores in the app.

Tap the promotion card on the Home screen to view more details; a description, T&Cs, and any restrictions. From there tap buy, claim, or redeem depending on the type of promotion.

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