How do I 'Leave' after an in-store purchase?

Once you've finished your purchase, and are physically walking out of the store, it's a good idea to tap the 'Leave' button - basically, this 'checks you out' of the store. Don't worry too much if you forget, you can do it at anytime and after a period of inactivity your app will also automatically do it. 

  1. Tap the 'Leave' button at the button of the screen (see screen shot attached)
  2. Rate your experience + 'Add Comments' (both optional)
  3. Points are automatically added to you profile & a receipt is sent to your email

If you're simply buying a coffee you'll most likely 'Leave' immediately after your purchase, although if you're sharing drinks with friends you can may want to only tap 'Leave' at the end of the day so you get the convenience of a tab style payment but without the hassle of handing over your credit card or ID

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