What is a Discount?

A discount (originally called a 'perk') is a discount that a customer is entitled to receive when they transact (i.e 20% Off Staff Discount). Discounts are applied on in-app, in-store and order ahead purchases.

The Discount is automatically applied by the system as the customer is charged and is visible on:

  • the customer's phone 
    • On the in-store payment screen 
    • In My Activity after a purchase has occurred
  • the customer's receipt (see respective screenshots attached)

The discount is only visible to staff using specific POS systems - please contact LOKE Support if you system is compatible.

If you are using the LOKE TOM-Terminal Mobile Payment software, you will be able to see the Total Discounts used through the day in the Sales Summary

For the time being, if you would like to create a Discount please contact In the future we will be making this feature available in your Back Office.

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