How to install T.O.M on Windows-based POS

Before you start

  • Configure a 'Mobile Payment' tender type from your back office
  • Confirm with LOKE if you need a 'keyboard shortcut' setup
  • Each terminal must have an internet connection, or a 'proxy' configured
  • Ensure Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox is available on the POS

Steps to install T.O.M

  1. Go to Internet Explorer (or other web browser) and type
  2. Choose your install file from the list and click on the the Download button
  3. Run/install the application. You should see an icon 'Mobile payment' on your desktop after the install

Now that you have installed the T.O.M mobile payment software please contact LOKE so we can complete the finally configuration for your POS & your business.

* If this tile is blocking anything on screen, you can 'stop' the program:

  • Start Menu > Run > taskmgr > Processes > 'tile.exe' > End Processes
  • Start Menu > Run > taskmgr >'tom-desktop.exe' > End Processes
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