'How to' documents for in store / Training Booklet

Attached is the LOKE Training booklet for in venue / in store

This document includes:

1.0 Mobile Payments

1.1 In-Store
Customers are able to pay in store with the app by adding their credit card

1.2 Order Ahead
Customers can place an order with the app for pick-up, dine-in or delivery (not available in all apps)

2.0 Loyalty
Customers earn points every time they use the app to pay

3.0 Rewards
Customers can use their points to redeem ‘credit’ or items

4.0 Using a Code
Customers can use a code to redeem an item, credit or points

5.0 Refunds
How to process a refund

6.0 End of Shift Process FAQ



Also available are stickers and visual guides for:

  • How to process a payment
  • How to process a mobile offer
  • How to process a refund
  • How to settle / cash off

A range of options available for various POS systems.


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