How do I install TeamViewer?

This will only take 5mins to complete and must be down on each individual POS terminal.

Stage One:

  1. Quit the POS software ensuring you are on the Windows desktop
  2. Using the installed browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer) access the web Head directly to the URL:
  3. Or simply Google “T​eamViewer”​and tap “Download “
  4. Download “A​ll-In-One: Teamviewer Full Version”​
  5. Open the download file and complete the install process (i.e. Run)
  6. Open the TeamViewer application

Stage Two:

Once the TeamViewer application is on on your screen please:

  1. Take note of your unique ID; and
  2. Set the 'Personal Password'  

Stage Three:

Please email the following details to s​

  • Your Name:
  • Store Name:
  • Teamviewer ID:
  • Teamviewer Password:


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