What is T.O.M?

T.O.M is your dedicate mobile payments and customer loyalty terminal. Think of it like a digital EftPOS terminal that securely 'talks' to your customer's smartphone and doesn't require them to hand over a card or cash to make a payment. T.O.M is accessed through a web browser and can run on almost on any device; laptop, tablet, smartphone, or desktop.

Once it's setup (you only need 5 minutes - read here) T.O.M enables you to easily charge customers that are paying at your business with their phone. It is fast, simple, and secure. T.O.M accepts payments from your custom Tidy mobile loyalty app and the standard Aston Club app.

From T.O.M you can:

  • View customer's currently at your business
  • Charge a customer
  • Refund a customer
  • Submit support requests to LOKE 
  • View the daily transaction history


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