How to send a push notification?

Once you are logged into LOKE Office:

  1. Tap the 'Broadcast' module 
  2. Tap 'New Notification'
  3. Give the broadcast name. Your customers cannot see this name.
  4. Type you push notification. This is the actual message your customer will receive.  Read the tips & tick below
  5. Choose your audience - which customers should receive the message
  6. You can schedule the broadcast or send it immediately.
  7. Review the broadcast and then send*.

Tips & Tricks

Push Notifications are a very simple and powerful channel of communication with your customers. We recommend sending no more than 1 push notification to the same customer (or list of customers) per month. Additionally, the notification should be valuable to the customer, not simply a generic marketing message.

A good example:

Score a $1 burger in the app now. Only 100 available. Buy now & save for later.

Not so good:

Come into the CBD Store this weekend for a delicious lunch!

* LOKE cannot guarantee the delivery of your Push Notification. All messages will be available to view in the Messages section in the app, however the customer must have approved the Push Notification permission to actually receive the alert (i.e the vibrate, ping &/or phone lock screen label). Additionally, both Apple and Google explicitly state that delivery is not guaranteed.

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