How do I create a fixed list from my customer database?

Create a fixed list when you want an individual customer or specific group of customers to access a particular promotion or receive a target push notification. Customer's can only be added to and removed from a fixed list manually.

A simple example is particular promotion that is available to the fixed list Staff.

  1. Log into LOKE Office
  2. Go to your database.
  3. Go to "Customer lists" a drop down menu will appear, select "Create a Fixed List"
  4. Name your list and add any percentage discount you would like this list to have. 
  5. Select create list 

To add customers to this list, select the customer within the database and then use the "Add to List" tab above the database and choose the list. You can also remove customers from a list by using the "Remove from List Option" 

Each time you create a new Promotion or create a new Broadcast this fixed list will be available to choose.

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