July 2015

With the beginning of the new financial year comes a huge range of new features and updates to the Tidy ecosytem.

Android overhaul 

First up is a massive update to our Android app offering full integration with Aston Club mobile payments. Over the coming weeks every client will receive an Android app update enabling their customers to securely add their preferred card directly into their app. Customer's will be able to make in-app purchases and pay in-store without the need to have ever seen or downloaded the Aston Club app.

Following this update we will also be issuing additional features in Android including the new menu layout, email sign-up, and in-app education.

Report on unclaimed promotions

You asked and we responded. When running a redemption report you can now select to only view the rewards/promotions that have been redeemed but are still saved on the customer's phone and are therefore yet to have been collected.

This is fundamental for stock reconciliation and understanding your current liabilties but is powerful information when looking to attract customers and drive revenue.


"Hi Ben, I noticed you still have a "$1 Takeaway Coffee" saved in our Tidy Cafe app. We'd love to see you come in and enjoy it with a friend. Remember if they're a new app user they can also secure a $1 coffee with our app."

Unique Promotions Per Store/Location

If you're using multiple stores or locations in your app, you can now define unique promotions for each location. All you need to do is choose the location when you first login to Tidy Office, the selector is in the top right corner, and then press the new promotion button. This new promotion will only be visible in the app when the customer chooses this store. If you need this option configured for your app please contact

View archived promotions

We like to keep Tidy, well tidy. Once a promotion is expired or if you would like to immediately 'halt' a promotion simply hover over the promotion card and select 'Archive' from the drop-down. You can then filter the promotion cards with the 'Archive' check-box to view all the the promotions you have run in the past.

Mobile & tablet optimisation

We are updating Tidy Office screen by screen, feature by feature, to ensure that whether you are using your mobile device, a tablet or a computer you enjoy the best possible experience. The most recent updates focus heavily on enabling you to create promotions on your mobile or tablet.


  • Improved database search
  • New standardised progress bar
  • Choose your card description updates 



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