The basics required to create a promotion

Although each promotion has it's own unique structure and requirements these are the common characteristics that you'll need:

  • Promotion Name:
  • Promotion Description:
  • Item we are offering**:
  • COGS for the item:
  • Points Required OR Cost for customer:
  • Any Conditions:
  • Specific Artwork: 

The item name is exactly what the staff member will read on the customer's phone during the collection process so make sure it is clear and relevant.

$1 Tap Beer (RRP $5)
Welcome to our new app. Buy a any tap beer for only $1. Redeem one per person.
Item: Tap Beer
COGS: $2.00
Points OR Cost: NA / $1
Conditions: 1 per person. 1000 available.
Specific Artwork: N/A - please use a stock image
Side of Fries (RRP $7.5)
Exchange 300pts & score a complimentary side of crunch fries. Redeem 1 per day.
Item: Side of Fries
COGS: $3.00
Points OR Cost: 350 pts / N/A
Conditions: Each customer can redeem 1 per day.
Specific Artwork: N/A - please use a stock image
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