Creating & Using Loyalty Tiers in your Promotions

Tidy's Database Filters are a powerful tool. One of the ways you can utilize them to the fullest is to identify and create Loyalty Tiers in your database. For example, sorting customers into total spend (less than 100, 100-200, 200 upwards) will instantly show you who your best and worst customers are.

If you've saved these filters as segments, you can tailor promotions to each tier.

By changing the 'Audience Settings' of your promotions, you can create Bronze-level promotions for Bronze-tier customers, and so on, so forth.

Why go to the extra trouble? Creating this Hierarchy of loyalty will spur customers to work their way through the ranks to achieve the highest rewards level and achieve 'VIP' status. In the process, they will keep returning to your establishment and spending money - a win-win situation.

As with all promotions, match the reward to the customer's effort, which will motivate greater levels of spend.

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