Create a Redemptions Promotion

This promotion is important: it's the main reason customers will use the app and keep coming back to your venue. Take advantage of this and craft promos that will deliver value to both your customers and to your business.

Have 'low-hanging fruit', that is, one or two easy-to-achieve items up for redemption. This helps to snag the attention of the customer, gives them the satisfaction of their first redemption, and keeps them wanting more. Satisfied customers are loyal/repeat customers and can even become advocates for your venue!

Note: This is a tried-and-true tip, so don't set the bar too high for your redemptions - this is a mistake that is often made the first time around. Take the time to think your promotions and redemptions scheme over, and whenever possible, get team input.

To create a redemptions promotion;

  1.     Log into Tidy Office -
  2.     Click the 'New Promotion' button
  3.     Set the Promotion type - Let customers exchange points for things/Redeem an item
  4.     Select an item from the dropdown menu or create a new item by filling out the Name and Internal Cost ($0.XX)
  5.     Choose related background, icon, title, and content
  6.     Choose appropriate Audience settings and Time settings
  7.     Activate!


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