What is a ‘Sell a Product’ promotion?

A ‘Sell a Product’ promotion allows customers to purchase exclusive offers directly within their app, at any time and earn the standard 10 reward points for each $1 spent when buying the promotion.

Even if your business isn’t yet set-up with Aston Club mobile payments at your POS, you can still utilise your Tidy app to sell exclusive offers and promotions in app. In Tidy Office these are called ‘Sell a Product’ promotions. Customers can purchase these offers at anytime creating an additional revenue stream for your business. 

  1. The customer’s card is immediately charged
  2. A tax invoice is sent to the customer via email
  3. Once settled, funds are sent to your nominated account
  4. The offer is saved in the customer’s app driving them to visit your business to collect

Example buy now and earn promotion include:

- 250g Steak & Shiraz deal: $15.00

Exclusive member deal, save $5 when you buy now. Keep the offer in your phone and show the staff as you order.

- Friday 1/2 Price Coffee & Cake: $4

Buy now and collect on Friday after 2PM. Come in a show staff to enjoy a small coffee + cafe (stock limited).   

- 2-for-1 Tickets: $25

Only 20 available. Buy now for $25 in-app and when you collect in-store we'll give you a 2nd ticket for free.  

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