How do we account for rewarded stock/inventory?

Like with traditional rewards/offers available at your business, app rewards should be available in the POS as specific inventory items associated with the relevant account and item cost, or the standard inventory item is selected in the POS and then a specific 'Discount' button is applied.

At the point of collection the staff will acknowledge the collection on the mobile device with a 2-step verification (i.e they tap the screen to wipe the saved purchase) and then assign the stock to a prepaid or loyalty app account on the POS before handing the product to the customer. On your POS a specific inventory button or 'Discount' button so reconciliation can be performed and compared to Tidy Office reporting.

Remember customers may be collecting:

  • A complimentary item (i.e FREE Small Coffee)
  • A discounted item (i.e $1 Small Coffee)
  • A discount (10% of purchase)

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