Gift Customer Credit

Everyone loves a complimentary gift!

One of the simplest and most of effective ways of growing app downloads and building your database, especially in the early days, is providing a gift of credit that the customer can to spend at your business. You can create a gift promotion in the app with custom title, description, and artwork and the set restrictions to meet your businesses needs.

i.e One $20 voucher for the our first 100 users!

  1. Log into LOKE Office  Australia   UK     Singapore
  2. Press the 'New Promotion' button
  3. Set the Promotion type - Gift users items, points, or credit
  4. Choose 'credit voucher' as what you're giving away and then set the promotion content
  5. Set the audience; who will see this voucher?
  6. Set any time / redemption limits (i.e 1 per person / 100 vouchers available)
  7. Activate


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