App Colour, Logo and Image specifications

When it comes to the app design process there are some specific colours, logos and images that we need to ensure the app has the look and feel of your business.

In addition to the breakdown below, please also download the App Design Example.pdf attached to this article.

App Icon

Your app icon actually sits on the customer's phone. Keep in mind that your app name is automatiicaly presented below the icon, so the icon becomes a good to be creative and introduce some simply, recognisable, and associated with your brand. You can provide: 

  1. Colour 
  2. Image (min. 2000px x 2000px) 

Splash screen

This screen will appear briefly when the app is in a load state. You may want to consider a full-screen image or simple pattern/colour integrating your logo.

  1. Image (min. 750px x 1334px)


Throughout the app we'll leverage a primary and a secondary colour.

  1. Primary colour
  2. Secondary colour (optional)

Onboarding content

When a new customer downloads the app, there will be greeted with 3x onboarding screens. The customisable elements of these screens include:

  1. A background (min. 750px x 1334px)
  2. 3x icons (png files, 320px x 320px)
  3. 3x titles + short descriptions

If you'd prefer you can also use our default screens.


Download App Design Example.pdf attached to this article



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