What is a Promotion?

Promotions are the cards displayed in a Tidy app. There are 6* promotion categories:

  • Codes: Customers can add a code for voucher credit, an item, or points
  • Check-in: Reward points to customers for their Facebook Check In
  • Offers: Customers can purchase exclusive offers in the app and earn reward points on every dollar
  • Points Exchange: Customers can exchange their points for voucher credit, specific items, or discounts
  • Gifts: Gift your customers complimentary items, reward points, or voucher credit to spend
  • Information: Create a card to display general content

Each of these Promotion types can be created in the Tidy Office with specific constraints for target audience, redemption limits and time-frames.


* If you are Redcat POS customer you may also be able to access an 'Import From Redcat' promotion that imports a Coupon

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