How do I create a smart list from my customer database?

Once you are in the database section of LOKE Office you can create a 'Smart List' for targeted promotions and broadcasts. Examples of a 'Smart List' may include:

  • Male customer with minimum $100 spend
  • All Female customers
  • Customers with 100+ Check-ins

To create a Smart List;

  1. Log into LOKE Office
  2. Go to your database 
  3. Go to "Customer lists" a drop down menu will appear, select "Create a Smart List"
  4. Choose your metrics (you can add more than one, to do this select add filter and choose another metric)
  5. Tap 'Save Smart List'

Your list will update dynamically as a customer matches the specific filters (i.e when a customer earns 101 reward points, they are added to the segment - More than 100pts):










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