Offer a complimentary product everyday for Staff or VIPs

1. Created a fixed list (i.e My Staff)

2. Create a list of unique codes with enough codes for 1 per staff member**  You can also add codes to this list later to include new staff.

** Create the first code to give staff 1x Free ☕️.  

** Make sure when you set up the codes you choose the option "add to list" to add to My Staff list. 

3. Create a gift promotion offering 1x Free ☕️ ensuring you choose the options:

  • Audience: My Staff
  • Customer can participate: Once every 24 hours
  • Once redeemed, the item will expire in: 1 hours (This will avoid staff saving the promotions for later use).

4. Mail merge the unique codes out to staff, so each receives their own code.

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