Offering a complimentary Product (i.e free Burger)

There are 2 options for your incentive


Give out credit to the same value as a free product (i.e 🍔) - customers can then use the credit however they choose. You can still advertise free pita, however we have shown that free credit is more effective incentive.

How to give credit   

** Ensure you choose 1 per customer



Give out a free product (i.e 🍔) as an item. Set up is similar to above (simply "gift" an "item" rather than credit) however the redemption process at the store is a little more complicated. 

Customers will need to show staff their phone and staff acknowledge the item redemption.  I have attached instructions along with set up below.  This would be covered in store training. 

How to redeem an item - For your customers

How to redeem an item - For your staff

** Ensure you enter "customer limit" = "1 per customer"

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