How Do I Order With The App? (Mobi2Go)

Ordering with our app is nice & simple. 

  1. Tap the How are you Ordering button (it's at the bottom of the Home screen)
  2. Select Order Ahead...
  3. Choose the location you'd like to Order from
  4. Tap Order from this Store
  5. Select Buy Now or Add Item and then build your cart 
  6. Next Step > Pay Now
  7. Pay > Confirm
  8. Head in store to collect 🍩 👍

Your attached payment is only ever charged for what you order and a receipt will be sent to your email. You can also check a history of orders in the app under My Activity. For every $1 you spent 10 loyalty points will be automatically added to your profile.

If you have credit on your profile this will automatically be used for you purchase. If the total purchase is more than your current credit balance, you've default attached payment method will be used.

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