Data Mapping from LOKE to MGL

Data Mapping lets your app send/categorise the information that is sent to MGL. A great example is assigning customer to a specific MGL Category (i.e Melbourne CBD Store) after they have transacted at specific Store using your app. For Mapping to be setup your must have:

  1. You LOKE + MGL integration already setup
  2. The location setup in your app
  3. The category created in MGL

Once this is all done you're ready to map:

  1. Log In to your Back Office
  2. Select the Menu (top right corner) > Integrations
  3. Select MyGuestList
  4. Scroll down to the Locations: Store Mapping table
  5. The app location is on the left, while the MGL Category is on the right
  6. Each time a customer processes a transaction at ht elocution on the left, they will be automatically added to the MGL Category on the right*
  7. Save

*You can map to multiple categories. 

i.e If a customer spends at the Melbourne CBD store I want their profile to be added to the Melbourne CBD category and the Victoria category. 


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