Expiring a customer's in-store payment

If a customer taps the Pay In-Store button, but forgets to tap Leave after making their purchase, their open account will automatically expire (or close) after 60 minutes. This will remove their profile (i.e name, number & photo) from the POS and prevent any further transactions from being processed.

This 60 minute default can also be customised for your business and your customer experience! For coffee shops and stores with only a take-away product this may be reduced to 5 minutes, while Hotels, Bars, and Restaurants may want to increase to 3 hours or more.

Any changes will be global for all locations within your app. If a customer's in-store payment has expired by the time they are ready to pay, they will need to tap the pay button in their app to create and open a new transaction. This will only take a few seconds.

If you would like to change the default time please contact

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