What customer data can I send to MyGuestList?

Once a integration between your Tidy Office and your MyGuestList (MGL) account has been configured, customer data will begin flowing in real-time. This means, every-time a new customer registers with your app or an existing customer makes a purchase that information is updated and can trigger an automated marketing message. This may be a welcome SMS or an email offer a loyal customer a personal voucher code to use with their next purchase. The current list of data available to be sent to MGL includes:

  • Customer name
  • Email
  • D.O.B
  • Gender
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Sign-up Date
  • Current Points Balance
  • Total Points Earned
  • Total Points Redeemed 
  • Total Facebook Check-ins
  • Total Spend
  • Last Spend Date
  • Which location(s) customer has purchased at
  • Products purchased* 

* This is dependent on the POS system available at your location(s).

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